Paneer Dodi: a Miraculous Ancient Herb

Withania Coagulans or Indian Rennet, commonly known as Paneer Dodi is a shrub of the family Solanaceae. A systematic and regular use of its fruit has shown a decrease in alarmingly high levels of blood glucose.


Paneer Dodi not only utilizes the blood glucose, but also repairs the Beta Cells of Pancreas to provide Insulin to our body in the right quantities.
Therefore, the patient consuming Paneer Dodi regularly has a reduced consumption of the anti – diabetic drugs and if he is on Insulin the units are also reduced. The herb causes depletion of blood sugar and improves glucose utilization and carbohydrate metabolism, and also minimizes the complication of hyperglycemia.

 The Facts about Paneer Dodi:
  • Synthetic anti-diabetics act on one site in only one way whereas, the herb acts on various sites in varied ways to effectively control factors and pathways which lead to Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Paneer Dodi is a herb to correct the cause as well as effects, besides the condition itself. It corrects the degenerative issues, which result because of diabetes. It is safe and effective in managing Diabetes Mellitus as a single agent supplement to synthetic antidiabetic drugs.paneer-dodhi
  • Paneer Dodi helps overcome defiance to oral hypoglycemic drugs when used as a supplementary  to various cases of uncontrolled diabetes. Paneer Dodi confers a sense of well-being in patients and promotes symptomatic relief in diseases  like weakness, dizziness, pain in legs, body ache, polyuria and pruritis.

How To Use it:

  • Soak 8 – 10 pods of Paneer Dodi in half a cup of water overnight.
  • Next morning, squeeze those Paneer Dodi to bring out their extract in the water.
  • Filter through a sieve.
  • Drink that water on an empty stomach.

Check this amazing video on Diabetes treatment by Paneer Phool by Naturopath Mr. Mukesh Patel.





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